Strong in heart - gentle in nature

Welcome to Kriegerin Kennels

"Kriegerin" aka "Warrior" is a kennel based in the central Waikato NZ. Our ethos is all about our dogs attitude to overcoming hurdles— being staunch and loyal. We focus on breeding GSD, (German Shepherd Dogs) that are strong in heart and gentle in nature. The GSD is an intelligent dog with a willingness to learn and an eagerness to have a purpose.

We don’t breed champions we breed companions.

Meet the Family

The origins of the GSD was a farm dog that excelled in working with sheep as both a herding dog and guardian.

However, since that time, because of their strength, high intelligence, trainability, and obedience, GSD around the world have become a well-loved breed for all types of owner. They are loyal, and courageous dogs who quickly catch on to what makes their owners happy but do need regular exercise as well as mental stimulation.

At Kriegerin Kennels we focus, breeding companions not champions so to speak.

We have been around German Shepherds most of our lives having had GSD in the family for over 30 years, and we love them to bits.

It started early with a white GSD to then our second girl, Sadie, a rescue pup from a pub. She quickly took on the role of chief protector for the kids and was such a loving, family orientated girl, we fell in love with GSD forever.

We have had successions of GSD as pets and tramping / hunting partners over the years. We decided to get two GSD when our last old girl was struggling to walk and that’s when we started breeding GSD. Our first litter was small, and we kept them all, now we look to make sure our pups go to good deserving and enriching homes. Homes that understand GSD needs and requirements.

So, with the desire to find active family lives for our pups, if you are a keen dog lover and think you can give one of our pups a good home, enquire today.


Our inspiration to bring the joy of GSDs to the world.
(2008–2019 now playing on the rainbow bridge)


Princess and 'armchair warrior' – our fun loving ball of energy always by our side.


Boss watcher and learner – our first born from our first litter, keeping us and mum on our toes.


Hen pecked ball of fluff – not for breeding, but good at feeding, we just couldn’t let him go.